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Entry Requirements for application to ALL Programmes.
The Applicant:
1. Must have successfully completed Senior High School, at least.
2. Must have conceptual creative thinking ability.
3. Must be computer literate.

Intake Periods:
January / February / April / June / August / September / October

Before you apply
AiSAD is seeking to admit people who have passion for the programme of choice and will be serious throughout the programme. You may either be interviewed or write an essay to prove your eligibility for your choice of programme.

How to Apply
Applicants living in Ghana should purchase application form at the schoolís front desk. Application form sells at GHC100. Call +233 (0) 303 935943 for assistance. Applicants living outside Ghana should prove eligibility by sending copy of educational certificate and any national ID document Ė e.g. passport, driverís license or voterís ID card to email address for consideration. You will be required to pay application fee of USD50 plus tuition fee the first installment before your arrival should you meet admission requirements. You will receive all the necessary admission contract documents before payment can be made.

We do not provide residential accommodation for students but we help students find hostels near the campus. Call +233 (0) 303 935943 for assistance.