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Saturday High

Saturday High is an arts and design school for Junior and Senior High School students and graduates who could not further their education.

We offer programmes in design, photography, film and illustration.

Our programmes are designed to prepare students for introductory careers in the specialization areas. In one year, Saturday High will turn your innate creativity into a career as a junior graphic artist, photographer, film maker or an illustrator.

Successful graduates of Saturday High are provided with articulation pathway at AiSAD. This means that successful Saturday High graduates who wish to further their education to become professional artists will be given exemptions in the programmes they wish to enroll in.
JHS Students (In School)
If you are JHS student with passion for a creative career, Saturday High is where it begins. Let's prepare for a future in the world of arts and design.

SHS Students (In School)
Saturday High programmes are also open to Senior High School students who are learning visual arts. Let AiSAD's faculty help you evolve your passion into a professional career.

JHS Graduates
If you are a JHS graduate who for some reason could not further your education. Saturday High is a school that will take you and turn you into one of the best-paid, hardest-working and smartest thinking professionals on the planet. Choose any of our programmes that match your interest and head for a great future.