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"I am grateful for my time at AiSAD which has enriched me and made me feel that I have also gained valuable experience as a teacher and mentor and contributed in a way to development in West Africa and Africa as a whole. I am glad to have been given the chance to enrich the lives of talented and deserving students. I would recommend AiSAD as the school of choice for aspiring creative professionals in West Africa."

Gerald Bedeker,
CEO, Magnet Design and Advertising - Cape Town, South Africa
"AiSAD is a school which has helped me develop conceptual creative thinking skills. I now know how to approach creative projects professionally. It has also helped to build confidence and overcome stage fright through consistent presentations of project works. I completed school two years ago and I'm now running my own design business. I recommend AiSAD to the youth who want to become design entrepreneurs."

Ignatius Dawson-Otoo,
Graphic Desgner/Former Student - Accra, Ghana

"Learning at AiSAD launched me into a wonderful field of computer graphics. It has been more than 4 years and my designs currently rated Excellent."

Dipo Popoola,
Head, Graphics and Brand Marketing
The InnerCity Mission for Children - Lagos, Nigeria
"My experience so far has been great. I'm a Nigerian and studying at AiSAD has really opened my mind to idea generation, and not just generating ideas but putting them to work practically. Their lecturers are the best you can get in Africa in terms of Art and design and I have benefited from them in many ways as a student. It is the school creative minded people should attend. AiSAD is the best so far in West Africa."

Victor Williams Ogbusia
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