Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our training delivery format has changed. Ghanaian applicants should note that classes are held online and in classroom for all programs.
Few classes are held in the classroom. For international students, programs are offered 100% online with the exception of the fashion programs.
Students Nationalities So Far:
News:  We introduce to you a sister institution the School for the Creative Arts, Ghana. Visit sca.edu.gh for similar programs.

About Us
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Who We Are

We are a portfolio-building school offering creative programs such as graphic design, advertising, photography, 3D animation, fashion design and many more. As a creative portfolio school, our focus and purpose is to help our students develop professional creative portfolios that are more likely to get them hired in the creative industries. We are proud to mention that AiSAD is Africa's only creative portfolio school.

About Portfolio School

Portfolio school system of education and training is a shift away from the traditional system of education which prepares students to prove what they know best in textbooks. Portfolio Schools offer skills and performance competence-based education and training. This means that you are prepared to meet the employment requirements of industry. Unlike academic institutions, Portfolio School students graduate with creative portfolios. Qualifications per se don't matter to employers in the creative industries. The fact is, employers in the creative industries can only determine the creativity and employability of job applicants by assessing their creative portfolios and not by reading what is stated on a piece of paper. Portfolios Schools are industry led and managed. No textbooks, No "chew and pour", No tests and nobody fails.

Statutory Authorization (Educational License)

The Accra International School of Advertising and Design (AiSAD) is approved as a professional training institution by the Ghana Education Service and Ministry of Education. It is also registered with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) as a TVET Provider.

The AiSAD Team (Management and Faculty)

The AiSAD Team is led by the Founder and CEO, Christian Obeng Boadi, who has been earning his living since the year 2000 from what students learn. Chris, as he is popularly or commonly called, has strong ties with education and school administration experts in South Africa, USA and the UK who contribute immensely to the management of the School and the running of programs.

Our programs are delivered by dedicated working professionals who come from South Africa, North America, Europe including the UK to share their experience and professionalism with students. To ensure that there is local content we also have in our faculty Ghanaian creatives who have distinguished themselves so well in the communication design industries.

Our faculty members work on international brands such as Coca Cola, Google, MTN, KFC, Vodafone, Nescafe, and Guinness to mention just a few.

Training Methodology

Our curriculum is offered in the competency-based training (CBT) mode. We offer 100% hands-on training. Students learn by doing what they love. Nobody fails.

Learning and Assessment

You will learn through a wide variety of teaching and learning methods including practical workshops, lectures, collaborative work, tutorials, peer group critiques and internships. Your assessment is the submission of a creative portfolio that demonstrates proficiency and excellence from a professional's perspective.