Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our training delivery format has changed. Ghanaian applicants should note that classes are held online and in classroom for all programs.
Few classes are held in the classroom. For international students, programs are offered 100% online with the exception of the fashion programs.
Students Nationalities So Far:
News:  We introduce to you a sister institution the School for the Creative Arts, Ghana. Visit sca.edu.gh for similar programs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is AiSAD an accredited school?

The Accra International School of Advertising and Design (AiSAD) is approved as a professional training institution by Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education. It is also registered with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) as a TVET Provider.

Does AiSAD award diplomas and degrees?

We are NOT an academic institution. We do not offer diploma and degree programs. You will graduate with a creative portfolio and certificate of programme completion.

What are your entry requirements?

Our programs take high school and university graduates and anyone above 18 years who is looking to develop a creative career for employment in the creative industries. You should be computer literate. You should be of sound mind. You should be able to express yourself well in the English language. Note: It doesn't matter if you failed your exams.

When are your intake periods?

Admission is open throughout the year. You can apply in any month of the year. New classes start almost every two months.

Does AiSAD provide on-campus accommodation?

We do not provide on-campus accommodation. Our team can help you to secure a hostel accommodation or an apartment near the school. We do not charge for this service.

How is AiSAD different from the rest of the schools?

AiSAD distinguishes itself from the rest of the schools in so many ways: The school is led or managed by industry experts. Our curriculum is industry-driven. Training is offered in the competency-based mode. Classes are delivered by award-winning industry practitioners. Our classes are small in sizes.

Does AiSAD provide teaching and learning materials?

We provide teaching materials i.e. what course facilitators will need, and students bring learning materials and equipment. You will be required to bring to classes own laptop computer with the required software installed.

What are your class schedules?

A class runs for mostly two hours. Classes are held between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Evening classes will be running very soon for working practitioners from 7pm to 9pm.

When do you break for vacation and how long does it take?

We take break twice in a year - July and December for either four or six weeks.

Does AiSAD help students with internships?

AiSAD helps students who can demonstrate proficiency and the required attitudes to take internship with agencies.

Does AiSAD help international students to get residence permit?

AiSAD gives cover letters to international students to get their residence permits. This is done upon confirming your admission to the programme of choice.

What can I do after AiSAD?

Our kinds of prgrammes provide opportunities for self-employment. With just your laptop computer and your determination to start something, you already have the opportunity to start your business. You can start as a freelancer and work for a number of agencies or corporate bodies and those who will come as individuals. You can also apply to work with advertising or design agencies or even corporate bodies and media houses that have advertising or design departments.