Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our training delivery format has changed. Ghanaian applicants should note that classes are held online and in classroom for all programs.
Few classes are held in the classroom. For international students, programs are offered 100% online with the exception of the fashion programs.
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Tuition Fees

Short Courses

Drawing Skills – 3 Months

Develop the ability to draw and illustrate from observation. The ability to observe and the skill of translating what you observe into a meaningful visual expression is fundamental in every artist’s education.

In this course, you will develop the power of observation and strengthen your ability to think and express yourself visually on paper.

This course is designed for persons who aspire to become graphic designers, 3D animators, game designers, architectural designers, engineers, fashion designers and motion graphics artists. It is also for those who want to build a portfolio to enhance their chances of gaining admission into a university abroad.

Mode of study: Classroom

Fee: GHC3, 000 for Ghanaian students / USD1,000 for international students

Painting Skills – 6 Months

In this course, you will discover creative possibilities in both abstract and figurative painting. You will learn the importance of colour, composition and form and the basic techniques and principles of painting. Using oil or acrylic paint, you will learn how to mix and experiment with colour. You will expand your knowledge of paint and materials and be introduced to a variety of drawing and painting media, including an opportunity to have a taste of live drawing.

This course is designed for those just beginning to discover and develop their interest in painting.

Mode of study: Classroom

Fee: GHC4, 000 for Ghanaian students / USD1, 500 for international students

Copywriting Skills – 3 Months

The Copywriting course will teach you the craft of producing advertising messages that create a call to action. You will learn principles of advertising and marketing, research basics, market research, consumer behaviour and contemporary developments in marketing communications to develop solid foundation for this field.

This course is an effective blend of theory and practical work and provides you with a solid foundation in writing for radio, TV, print and web.

Mode of study: Classroom for Ghanaian students & Online for international students

Fee: GHC4, 000 for Ghanaian students / USD1, 700 for international students

Fundamentals of Graphic Design– 3 Months

This course equips students with graphic design foundation knowledge and skills. The introduction to foundation units such as idea generation, conceptual creative thinking, principles of composition, principles and elements of graphic design, typography and creative communication help you develop your creative style and visual language.

This course is highly recommended for anyone who aspire to become a professional graphic designer.

Mode of study: Online

Fee: GHC4, 000 for Ghanaian students / USD1, 800 for international students

Graphic Design Software Skills – 3 Months

Adobe’s Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are industry-standard applications for graphic design. Learn the techniques and creative capabilities of these applications to create professional graphic design pieces for a variety of media.

You will learn how to apply software tools professionally to create graphic design pieces such as logos, posters product labels, magazines, newsletters, brochures, flyers and such like items.

Enroll on this course and build a graphic design portfolio that can get you hired.

Mode of study: Online

Fee: GHC4, 000 for Ghanaian students / USD1, 800 for international students.

Motion Graphics Design Skills – 3 Months

Talk about the CNN, Aljazeera, BBC, ITV, and even your local TV station, motion graphics play a very important role in ensuring screen quality and effective programme presentation. Motion Graphics or visual effects enhance productions for the screen-based media.

This course will equip you with practical skills and professional awareness required in creating motion graphics for the commercial world.

It will prepare you for jobs in the production of advertising communication, corporate videos, music videos, and in broadcast industry for title sequence and programme content sequence creation.

The objective of this course is to equip you with industry standard skills in motion graphics design with the use of the Adobe After Effects software.

Mode of study: Online

Fee: GHC4, 000 for Ghanaian students / USD2, 000 for international students.