Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our training delivery format has changed. Ghanaian applicants should note that classes are held online and in classroom for all programs.
Few classes are held in the classroom. For international students, programs are offered 100% online with the exception of the fashion programs.
Students Nationalities So Far:
News:  We introduce to you a sister institution the School for the Creative Arts, Ghana. Visit sca.edu.gh for similar programs.

Why Choose AiSAD

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose AiSAD?

Learn by doing rather than reading from textbooks or sitting in lectures. Learning by doing helps build your confidence and confidence in you.

Programs are offered in the competency-based training (CBT) mode. This means that skills acquired are relevant to industry. Nobody fails in competency-based training.

Gain industry experience while at school. Our curriculum is industry driven and classes are delivered by dedicated working practitioners who will expose you to real industry projects.

Training is centred on the development of your creativity and employability which is key to you getting and keeping a job.

You will develop a cross-border creative career. Creative careers are recognized globally. Your skills will be relevant to creative industries everywhere in the world.

Develop a world-class creative career in 2 years or less.

You can start your own creative business right after school or even before you complete your programme. Creative programs such as ours provide opportunities for self employment. With just your laptop or digital camera you can set up as a freelancer.